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  • Great experience taken away with me and will cherish forever.

    Useful for all types of smoking with different appliances or pits.

    Not only that the food to taste after the session was VERY nice and moorish. Planning my next event with BOOMA.

    Have also referred many others.

    Yates Constructions

  • Attended Boomas BBQ Masterclass and was blown away by the experience! From learning expert techniques to tasting mouthwatering flavors, it was a BBQ lover's dream come true. Booma was very knowledgeable and passionate, making every moment enjoyable. Highly recommend for anyone looking to elevate their smoking game!


  • Booma does a fantastic job running these courses. He works so hard and makes it really fun and super tasty!! I have been BBQing for many years but I just worked it out myself as I went along. Having Booma teach me how he does it has transformed my BBQ. I thoroughly recommend his courses to anyone interested in BBQ, experienced or new to it.


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Throughout my journey, whether it's been grilling in the backyard, competing in BBQ contests, or documenting my experiences on social media, I've gained a wealth of knowledge. However, my true fulfillment comes from sharing the love of BBQ by cooking for others. Crafting my own spice rubs and sauces here in Melbourne, Australia, cooking with fire is not just a hobby but a lifelong passion. Witnessing the delight on people's faces as they savor the dishes I prepare brings me immense joy and satisfaction.

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